Safes Direct is committed to the efficient and expedited delivery of superior quality safes, specifically selected to meet the variable requirements of all the customers in the industry.

Safes Direct will realize its Vision through the creation of a sales, delivery and service platform that, through pertinents and effective information transfer between the customer and sales representative, identifies the correct product to suit the requirement, and efficiently delivers the item to the customer with emphasis on minimal customer effort and maximum satisfaction.

Our mission is based on three key phrases, namely:

1. The Right Safe
2. First Time
3. In No Time

Safes Direct is about selling safes to the customer directly from the manufacturer and is one of the largest re-seller of safes. We make small margins on a high volume of safes, and we tie our prices to the transaction costs. Our processes are fully automated and safes ship directly from a manufacturer’s warehouse, and the manufacturer provides support and warranty services.

During the Thirty-One years we have been selling UL rated safes to jewelers we have heard time and again how crucial it is for a jeweler to make sure that money is invested in jewelry, not safes, something that will never make them a dime, this is why we are in business, we sell jewelry safes at the lowest delivered price.

Depository safes and Under-counter safes are the most popular with restaurants and churches that need a secure way to store their collections. At Safes Direct, we make sure that you get the best products at the lowest price



The two layers of sheet-rock-like material and the UL approved heat-activated fire door seal provide enough ammunition to fend off fires. The safes are lab tested at 1760° F for 60 minutes.

Our gun safes are not afraid to show off their good looks, whether you choose Hunter Green or Charcoal Black, the brass pin striping lock and handle beautifully complement the semi-gloss paint finish.

We stock:

  • Medium Gun Safes – Perfect for closets
  • Large Gun Safe – For multiple gun storage
  • Extra Large Gun Safes – For more than 25 long guns