MUTUAL TL30 Jewelry safes – JV 6020


TL-30 Safe with Combination Lock – JV 6020
Height: 66″
Width: 26″
Depth: 31″

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Jewelry Safes – TL-30 with Combination Lock – Jewel Vault 6020

These High security jewelry safes have been known to set the standard in their class.

Construction for Jewelry safes

  • Body: 3 1/7″
  • Door: 3 1/7″

Interior Dimensions

  • Height: 60″
  • Width: 20″
  • Depth: 22″

Exterior Dimensions

  • Height: 66″
  • Width: 26″
  • Depth: 31″

The high security jewelry safes have been known to set the standard in their class. The TL 30 safe has been approved by the Underwriters Laboratory, and offer the highest in security standards. The Jewel Vault’s composite body is a solid 3″ thick and incorporates 18,000 PSI density concrete. The concrete inside the safe body is embodied with corundum aggregate and encased in a double layer of high-tensile steel. The door is 6 1/2″ in overall thickness which includes 3″ of solid barrier material. The Jewel Vault 6836 incorporates up to seven massive 2″ chromed locking bolts, secured with two high-security, U.L. listed Group II combination locks.

One of the reason’s these safes are so secure is because of the “nerve center”. A huge floating glass plate, or the “nerve center”, covers the entire locking area. Additionally, the mechanism is protected by dual plates of tempered glass which will activate two randomly located re-locking devices in the event of a burglary attack.

For a safe that is so secure, it also incredibly easy to use. For ease of use the tri spoke re locker is adjustable and equipped with an internal captive cross lock which secures the rel-ocker bolt once it has fired.

The Jewel Vault is constructed out of state of the art high density Agicrete monolith material. It is encased within inner and outer magnesium steel hard plate. The barrier material incorporates an unrivaled 26,000 PSI density. The Jewel Vault houses a matrix of nuggets and carbon fibers which further enhance its tensile strength. A reinforced armor plate protects the door frame and each individual bolt chamber from even the most sophisticated attack.


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