MUTUAL Fire Proof Gun Safe – MSH-593024


Fire Proof Gun Safe with Electronic Lock – MSH593024-E

Height 59″
Width 30″
Depth 24″
Weight 608 lbs

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Fire Proof Gun Safe with Electronic Lock – MSH593024-E

This fire proof gun safe is not afraid to show off its good looks! It comes in a high gloss finish with a 5 spoke handle. You can store up to 22 guns in this large gun safe, to keep that magnificent gun collection safe and secure.

The two layers of sheet-rock-like material and the UL approved heat-activated fire door seal provide enough ammunition to fend off fires.

This gun safe comes with an Electronic lock. Electronic locks are battery powered and required a push-button entry pad to enter the combination. Most entry pads are powered by an external 9-volt battery. Electronic locks are the most popular, particularly because they are more user-friendly than the mechanical locks. With the electronic lock, it is very easy to change the combination on your own. Because the battery is located outside the safe door, when it gets low on power or dies, you can easily swap it out with a new one. Basic features of the electronic lock include a wrong-try penalty lock-out period to deter “code-guessing”, and a manager feature (a backup code with authority to delete or change the regular user code at any time.) Changing the combination by the user does NOT void our warranty and it is highly recommended.

Specifications for Fire Proof Gun Safe

Exterior Dimensions

  • Height: 59″
  • Width: 30″
  • Depth: 24″
  • Weight: 608 lbs

Interior and shelving

  • 22 gun capacity
  • One top shelf, one divider, three small shelves

Material of the Safe Box & Door

  • Steel thickness: 1/8″ for body and 1/4″ for door
  • Massive 4.3″ door in overall thickness


  • UL listed Type | Electronic lock


  • 4 x tube type pedestal work as pallet for easy moving. Pedestal can be removed
  • Predrilled 4 anchor bolt holes on the bottom 1/2″

We stock:

  • Medium Gun Safes – Perfect for closets
  • Large Gun Safe – For multiple gun storage
  • Extra Large Gun Safes – For more than 25 long guns


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